Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Epsonality from Epson Printers

I was sent the site to Epsonality from a friend who is Epson's AE at BSSP in San Francisco. I like alot of BSSP's recent work. And they definitely have a specific style. A little quirky, humorous, and a little black humor thrown in. This has all three.

I applaud the writers to throw in a spork, 199.99 in pennies, rattlesnake bites, and a magic mirror to promote printers. This is a good site, simple funny and good targeting to younger customers.

The only problem I see is that this starts to copy Goodby's style in regards to Comcast. This could be the beginning of this style as the standard or just a bump but alot of agencies are coming around.

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Mike said...

In the Epsonality commercial online now(2/23/08), with couple on a white couch, I'm curious about the winter scene photograph in the background that seems to be on a light box. Does anyone know about that?