Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The balancing act.

We all do it. We push classes to the bottom of the pile. That one is usually the one with the teacher who will unleash the least wrath. This changes weeks to week depending on the mood of the students and teachers, and is definitely frustrating.

Im an art director and spend my week looking through strategy, creative briefs and power point presentations. These usually have nothing to do with AD but in reality they are all important to my future. This place teaches you a little bit of everything so you can relate and communicate with everyone in an agency. Which is great.

The teachers all know this and fight back and forth over their classes and their importance for us. This place is definitely like a working agency. If there isn't an ego clash brewing on the surface its behind closed doors. Each of them are our creative directors with due dates. Its a matter of placating the one who won't bite my head off that week.

But sometimes it would be nice to do some art direction. You know that stuff I'm here to do?