Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How to design the worst jersey ever.

I love hockey. There I said it. I love it.

Im one of the 2 people in Virginia that do, and on top of that my favorite team is in California, arguably the hottest bed for hockey next to Mexico City (Its sarcasm people).

This year the NHL has new jerseys for every team. My beloved Los Tiburones (Sharks) have new ones as well. They make me throw up and cry/laugh at the same time, a very amusing thing to watch I promise you.

A quote from the venerable John Buccigross, ESPN's senior NHL expert, on the jerseys:

Upon further review, the San Jose Sharks are wearing arguably the ugliest uniforms in any team sport in the history of team sports. When I see these Sharks uniforms on television, I think I'm watching a skit from "Full House" in which Joey Gladstone goes five-hole on a stumbling Uncle Jesse. These Sharks are so 1991, so "Yo! MTV Raps." "Everybody dance now!" These things need to be put into a dumpster, set on fire and rolled down a mountain as soon as possible.

Perfect. Please see below for visual in how not to design anything:

They spent 15 months doing this. I could have coughed this crap up in 5. Where's my check. BLEGH!!


The Elephant said...

i can see them working in NYC on that Bad to Be Good tip. Especially cause lots of kids are sporting Yo MTV Raps t-shirts round these here parts.

agirlnamedtor said...

ha ha ha ha.