Thursday, October 11, 2007

Falling flat on my face.

I fell completely on my face, open mouth and all. No i didnt physically fall. My work did, and once again as Adcenter has shown, so has my ego.

I thought I was doing well, I had one good campaign under my belt for Corona, and I chose Kleenex because it was going to be tough. Lesson learned. I couldn't tell the story of Kleenex, I have no relation, no insight to sell. I use my sleeve.

This of course is no excuse for the real world, if its your client you do it. Period. I couldn't do it. Im frustrated. This is not easy or always fun. Its hard to shoot for the fences when youre too busy being brushed back at the plate.

Once again the strongest Art Director stepped forward and everyone silently cursed at his abilities. Made excuses for their work, but in reality we all knew, we are not there yet.

I sat there as Wayne asked for explanation of my work. I shrugged basically admitting it is what it is look, without a single word. I don't like it, neither did anyone else. Its hard to put your heart out every time for critique and get so little back.

Better luck next time. Here we go.

See below on examples on how not to do ads:

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