Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Epsonality from Epson Printers

I was sent the site to Epsonality from a friend who is Epson's AE at BSSP in San Francisco. I like alot of BSSP's recent work. And they definitely have a specific style. A little quirky, humorous, and a little black humor thrown in. This has all three.

I applaud the writers to throw in a spork, 199.99 in pennies, rattlesnake bites, and a magic mirror to promote printers. This is a good site, simple funny and good targeting to younger customers.

The only problem I see is that this starts to copy Goodby's style in regards to Comcast. This could be the beginning of this style as the standard or just a bump but alot of agencies are coming around.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The reality of being a student today.

While not all of this applies to me here at VCU. Alot did in my undergraduate and high school. Its interesting to think we're learn by a system invented before they had computers or even electricity for that matter.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TBWA'S New Office. JA!!

the famed LA agency famous for its Little Lad starburst and countless Skittles ads have opened a new office to capitalize on one of the world's highest income per capita markets. Where you ask?

Here are the choices:

A. Germany
B. Argentina
C. Dubai
D. Iceland

The answer is of course.....


Reyjavik, Iceland
This is a great move. Iceland has a booming economy and a capitve audience (it is an island) and its dark for 16 hours a day in winter, which leaves lots of TV time. They only have a staff of 20 but could this signal TBWA's intent to expand further into Europe?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The balancing act.

We all do it. We push classes to the bottom of the pile. That one is usually the one with the teacher who will unleash the least wrath. This changes weeks to week depending on the mood of the students and teachers, and is definitely frustrating.

Im an art director and spend my week looking through strategy, creative briefs and power point presentations. These usually have nothing to do with AD but in reality they are all important to my future. This place teaches you a little bit of everything so you can relate and communicate with everyone in an agency. Which is great.

The teachers all know this and fight back and forth over their classes and their importance for us. This place is definitely like a working agency. If there isn't an ego clash brewing on the surface its behind closed doors. Each of them are our creative directors with due dates. Its a matter of placating the one who won't bite my head off that week.

But sometimes it would be nice to do some art direction. You know that stuff I'm here to do?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

The view from the river.

This weekend was nice, not alot of work and more relaxing and talking with people. Its good. Gets my mind off things. Its interesting to hear what people are going through here. Most are scared and excited about finishing and starting a career. Most feel they arent any good but getting better. Some fall in love intellectually with the teachers. Some dismiss them out right. I might be in the middle leaning to the latter.

But the best conversation I get is the "What are you going to do when youre done" one. Most say to do exactly what were learning here. I like that. Good for you to work hard at a goal and get there, I respect that and will always approve, with a smart ass remark or two.

When I tell people what I want to do, i usually get a laugh, but in reality theres more to it.

I tell people I want to be a white water guide on the colorado river. Buff bronze and bald, with a braided beard and soul patch, i navigate the river with my Rainbow tinted Oakleys, faded life preserver, Tevas, and friendship bracelets in tow. I'm the first one to scream as we leave the rapids and the first to yell when people don't paddle the way i need. "HARD LEFT." "ALL BACK!!"

At night I sit on the edge of the fire circle, Indian style peering into the fire, slowly drinking home brewed tequila. "Where do you live Jesse?" my customers ask. "Where ever i lay my head." I mysteriously leave the circle into the night to do who knows what. But like clockwork, return every morning writing in a small leather bound book, greeting the weary travelers with more stories of near misses, flips, Indian burial stories, and Mexican jails I've been lucky enough to inhabit.

Its a good dream. Theres some truth in it about what I want and why I'm here. I dont know what I want. If I do art direction for the rest of my life, great. If i teach great. If i raft the river for all eternity great. If I end up working at McDonalds.....No thanks......but great.

But i guess im the kind of person to float the river, not literally of course. I let it show me places I've never seen, stories I'd never experience and wake up every day to see where it goes next. Some call it floating, I call it life.

See you on the river. Pretty deep huh?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Justice D.A.N.C.E

Very cool video.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Falling flat on my face.

I fell completely on my face, open mouth and all. No i didnt physically fall. My work did, and once again as Adcenter has shown, so has my ego.

I thought I was doing well, I had one good campaign under my belt for Corona, and I chose Kleenex because it was going to be tough. Lesson learned. I couldn't tell the story of Kleenex, I have no relation, no insight to sell. I use my sleeve.

This of course is no excuse for the real world, if its your client you do it. Period. I couldn't do it. Im frustrated. This is not easy or always fun. Its hard to shoot for the fences when youre too busy being brushed back at the plate.

Once again the strongest Art Director stepped forward and everyone silently cursed at his abilities. Made excuses for their work, but in reality we all knew, we are not there yet.

I sat there as Wayne asked for explanation of my work. I shrugged basically admitting it is what it is look, without a single word. I don't like it, neither did anyone else. Its hard to put your heart out every time for critique and get so little back.

Better luck next time. Here we go.

See below on examples on how not to do ads:

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How to design the worst jersey ever.

I love hockey. There I said it. I love it.

Im one of the 2 people in Virginia that do, and on top of that my favorite team is in California, arguably the hottest bed for hockey next to Mexico City (Its sarcasm people).

This year the NHL has new jerseys for every team. My beloved Los Tiburones (Sharks) have new ones as well. They make me throw up and cry/laugh at the same time, a very amusing thing to watch I promise you.

A quote from the venerable John Buccigross, ESPN's senior NHL expert, on the jerseys:

Upon further review, the San Jose Sharks are wearing arguably the ugliest uniforms in any team sport in the history of team sports. When I see these Sharks uniforms on television, I think I'm watching a skit from "Full House" in which Joey Gladstone goes five-hole on a stumbling Uncle Jesse. These Sharks are so 1991, so "Yo! MTV Raps." "Everybody dance now!" These things need to be put into a dumpster, set on fire and rolled down a mountain as soon as possible.

Perfect. Please see below for visual in how not to design anything:

They spent 15 months doing this. I could have coughed this crap up in 5. Where's my check. BLEGH!!

Truely Blond Beer.

80s Glam makes a comeback.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Mid Semester Review

1/8 done. A few thoughts:

I can do this. Im not half bad, but not half good yet. This place changes your standards. It would be nice to talk to someone about something not advertising related. I haven't left Richmond city limits yet. There are some people that piss me off. There are some people that amaze me with their talent. I like Richmond. I won't live in Richmond after I'm done. The more time spent at Adcenter does not equal good work. Im getting better at Ping Pong. I am learning about time management. I can see what the teachers are trying to do, but am too stubborn to act. It only feels like I've been here a week, when its been more like 12. It would be nice to know some people outside of Adcenter. I can't imagine how I'd find these people with my schedule. Writing a blog is addicting, and intimidating, especially when you know your mom is reading. I don't know if this is the life for me, and thats the way I like it. I've become a harsher reviewer of work. I take criticism better. Im still a bit of an asshole, but working on it. Im tired and sick, but not even close enough to quit. I need some of mom's home cooking for Thanksgiving.

Ahhhh.... Week 7 begins.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Little Knowledge kills good advertising.

I used to marvel in the wonder of film. The stories special effects, technique, with no idea what went into them. I've only produced two commercials for our classes here, but ever since I cannot look at ads without thinking, good god that must have been tough. See below for an example from Sony Bravia, congrats Fallon, you've got balls:

Now see below for a production video:

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dove Onslaught

This is Dove's follow up their acclaimed Evolution campaign, Onslaught:

I applaud this as a person. I completely agree, and feel terrible for the expectations women are subjected to. As a advertiser I commend the attempt to follow this up, but it doesn't have what Evolution had, a story. This seems to just tell you that women are constantly barraged, but it isnt telling us anything we dont know. Theres more there, go find it.

Monday, October 1, 2007

I now know the definition of work.

I didnt work at all through undergraduate. Im not being modest. I did good work, I graduated with good grades. But that was not work. This is.

This week has been a nightmare. I've never had to work this hard and it's a scary feeling to work hard for the first time. I don't sleep well, eat well, exercise. I'm grumpy moody and frustrated at the same time. But the best part of it is that I'm starting to like it.

I spend 14 hours a day sometimes in those four walls down the road, and then come home and work some more. I wake up and read client packets on the way to school, and then repeat the process.

This process is insane. Its like mentally sprinting at all times. And for the first time ever I like it. I can see why adcenter students do well outside. We don't know how to stop or how not to finish a problem.

I now know the definition of work. Now all I need is to know how to make great work.