Thursday, November 1, 2007

Has the tide turned?

First it was Don Just:

"You are all progressing sufficiently."

Then it was Wayne Gibson:

"Everyone is definitely getting better."

And then it was Mark Fenske:

"I thought the pumpkin work was good."

I'm confused. I don't feel like I'm getting better. But every week i come in and am amazed by the results. People are moving forward. Some in giant leaps, some in half skips, but all forward.

Some of the art directors have never touched Illustrator before coming here and are already producing amazing work. Our commercials are crisper, smoother, and visually great. With a few extra bucks some would be broadcast ready.

I give the copywriters alot of guff. I tell them they have attitudes and that they need us, but truth be told, its mostly jealousy. I live with two of them, they amaze me every time I see their work. They see the world in ways I never though.

This place does make great creatives, hopefully I'm one of them.

P.S. Sorry writers about all the shit I give you, I respect you from a distance.

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Alex Jeon said...

You give really great and helpful suggestions in improving our work. :-) Your work has definitely progressed since the beginning of the semster.

Personally, I feel like I haven't progressed. Maybe we all feel that way about ourselves.

Fight on!