Monday, November 5, 2007

Google will change the phone market now. Prepare.

No google didn't reveal a new phone like the press thought they were going to do. A big sigh of relief came from across the bay at Apple. Instead they did what they do best, create amazing open software people love to use.

Android is Google's open source program designed to work on a wide variety of phones set to be out the first quarter 2008. 34 companies signed up with Google to provide phones and service compatible with Android.

The big news behind this is the 3rd party capabilities. This new software will let everyone design programs for these phones. Imagine being able to completely customize your phone to your every whim. Not just ring tones and colors but games, maps, or if you want, to create something yourself for your phone no one has seen.

Once again Google capitalizes on a their best talent. Taking existing technology, making it easy and fun to use. Even though their name won't be plastered across the phones. Google will be the leader in mobile software for phones for years to come.

This is exactly what customers have wanted from phones. Companies have relied on the fact that they buy phones based on the features they have, this will break that connection, and hopefully get phone manufacturers to step it up as well.

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