Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sony Playstation Worldwide account up for review.

After ten years at TBWA worldwide, Sony looks like theyre about to ask for client pitches from around the world for their Playstation 3 account. This was going to happen, but not because of TBWA and their lack of effort. Its mostly Sony's fault for not inventing the Wii first.

They have a great product that nobody wants. No amount of advertising can fix that. TBWA has done some great things with Sony and has won shopping carts full of awards with them, including a Grand Prix at Cannes in 2004, but unfortunately have lost a lot of their top talent to other agencies. I don't think this is the right move for them but you have to shake things up with sales so low. Maybe they should save their money and concentrate on Playstation 4.

Does anyone else think that the PS3 logo is too close to the Spiderman movie logos?