Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What makes you an expert?

The brandcenter attracts a lot of great speakers. We get a lineup on Friday's that many professionals would be jealous of. As a major talent pool I am not surprised that they come here to show off their ideas and work.

However after seeing all these people come through, it makes me wonder sometimes are these people really experts? On the surface they are, but the more I hear sometimes it makes me wonder.

They use all the right marketing terms and cliche lines that make them seem like righteous professionals, but when someone who is supposed to be a technology expert tells us that they aren't "computer saavy" in the middle of a presentation it totally discredits them outright.

We are paid to get into the heads of people that we might have nothing in common with. If I was given Sean John as a client am I the right person to handle it just because I'm trained to think creatively, even though I might not truly be able to channel the spirit of the brand? Should it matter that I've never owned a piece of their clothing? I don't know.

The more I practice advertising here, the less I believe in the idea of experts.

Experience and titles might have worked with our parents generation, but as we move into the work world that idea will fall out of favor. Experts are people who actually know what they're doing, and not pretending or trying really hard because their business card says so. So please if you aren't a true expert say so, and admit it that it is your best guess.

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aaron/matt mobile said...

hey! im a prospective student at the brandcenter. copywriting track.

i read almost your entire blog. it rocks. poignant. expressive. good.

do you know any copywriters i can get in touch with to learn more about the school?