Sunday, March 2, 2008

Internship Time

A time to brush up on the following skills:

Coffee making abilities.
Memory (Coffee again).
Lip to flesh techniques (kissing ass)
Correct pronunciation of Sir/Mam

Well actually none of these should apply to Brandcenter students. We actually have people that come to us and see if they can get us to apply for their positions, big and small all come to get a chance to show their wares from RGA to Martin here in Richmond.

Its a different feeling to be at a school where people are not only interested in you but some are really interested in having you be there for more than your piss and vinegar. Most of the 2nd years have positive things to say about the experience, but the main idea is that you need to make it a good internship, its not their job.

I have two weeks to put together a book for the agencies I want to go to. The only problem is that I have nothing yet to put in my book. I havent put anything like this together since I graduated as a Graphic Design major years ago, hopefully it will be easier than the last time.

Well I guess spending my spring break in front of my computer will be have to do. I'll have a beer right there as a half reminder about my second to last spring break of my young life.

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