Friday, March 28, 2008

As the weather gets better so does my attitude.

Its spring Yeah!!

Virginia has some amazing spring weather, we play 4 square and frisbee, lounge in the sun, and pray from the summer.

I met with Daniela Montanez an Art Director at Martin working on the Wal-Mart account. It was a really nice treat to meet and talk with someone young successful and in the industry.

Its good to hear stories about the industry from someone on the inside. I loved her views on Martin and their attitude torward their employees. It really changed my view of them and their work. They really are interested in top quality work.

Most importantly though was how nice and helpful she is. In between all the stories about egos and assholes, layoffs and horror clients, its so important to find people who ask you "Is there anything I can do to help?"

I didnt know how to respond to that, Its not a common question to get here. I was floored. I have to admit it. I am really excited to have someone to talk to and help me with my first steps into this crazy world.

Enjoy the good weather people!

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