Monday, March 17, 2008

This table is too important, but we all respect it.

These tables hold the books of most of the people here. Its alot of hard work in each one. All nighters. Screaming matches. Random guesses and print issues abound.

And I hate them all.

Everyone has their high hopes for great internships in great shops around the world. When I walked into school today to drop mine off I felt confident. I had a good book I thought. After walking up to the folder and pulling out some other people going after the same positions I realized I hated them all. It's not the best feeling but these people are your competition and it really hurts to open a book and you know its better than yours. The "Oh Shit" alarm goes off full blast.

I was shocked by the talent that the art directors but into their books. (Don't worry CW's your words were damn good too). Great layouts, perfect bound books, full bleeds, art pieces inserted in, quality paper. Damn.

I shouldn't worry too much, I have a good book and its mostly nerves. But there is a part of my brain that wishes they all would accidentally fall out of the truck on their way.

Its a dog eat dog world, but its not fair when the rest of the dogs are your friends and coworkers.

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