Monday, March 3, 2008

The Benefits of a Normal Life

We don't get much of a normal life here in Richmond. Its usually as follows:


Usually you cant fit all three into a day, let alone the things that actually mean life:

Bar Hopping
Did I mention Naps?

I decided to do a little more of column B the last week, saw some movies, took naps ate well, went out, and tried not to feel guilty about it and succeeded. And guess what happened?

My work got better.

I thought clearer. Quicker and most importantly was enjoying it. I didn't feel bad about playing 3 games of ping pong followed by an hour of pinball. I'm not punishing myself for not getting any good ideas or doing bad work. I'm finally starting to listen to what everyone has been saying around here:

It's Just advertising.

So enjoy life because advertising is what should be happening in between all the other fun stuff.

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