Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How an Art Director works with a Copywriter.

I've only had two copywriters to work with so far. But its not hard to see what working with copywriters is like. They're a different breed. They think in quick bursts every couple minutes while I roll ideas off the top of my head.

I like working with them. They're smart and calculating. Their words are their babies and they defend them like their first born child. Their craft is under rated in a world where things said in two words deserve to be said in thirty.

It isn't all easy though. I'm an art director because I like to put campaigns together. Id rather be in front of Illustrator than Word any day. And thats the difference. We get the last crack at any work. That means decisions that copywriters might not like. I can see how toes can get bruised.

I don't always need 150 words, sometimes its 34 and no more. That would piss me off if someone said I need it this color and not a shade lighter without explaining. I've tried to make it my mantra to explain to every copywriter I work with why I need it specific ways. If not for my sanity but just so they can understand why.

So the next time a art director asks a copywriter: "Can you cut it in half?" They might understand. Maybe.

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