Thursday, August 9, 2007

Who knew the south was so hot?

So as a final thank you from the city of San Francisco I got to be in the city when Barry hit his big boy home run. Congrats Barry.

So who knew richmond would be hot. Now hot itself isn't enough to describe it. Liquid hot magma? Close. How about I took three baths in my new apartment because i had no power and wouldn't stop sweating all day? Bingo.

Besides the heat its going well, im just cruising by these days. Looking for a car to buy. And no I didn't drive across country, that would be like hitting my forehead with a croquet mallet. No fun.

The town seems very cool. I've been roaming around with Akil Gibbs and checked out the multiple areas around and have been surprised by the diversity in which night life provides. I would have to say my three highlights so far have been:

1. Karaoke night at Buffalo Wings. I wanted to watch the Giants game. Thirty drunk people wanted to sing: Wind Beneath My Wings, Friends In Low Places, and general crap country (sorry I really hate country).

2. Smile Be Happy Cafe. So we walk by and see a big line, so we say "Hey lets check it out." Not realizing that this is a 18+ bar, making us look like two perverts on the prowl as we quickly walk by.

3. Princess Diana mural next to Velvet Gentleman's Club. I bet she would be proud to be artistically placed next to a strip joint.

More updates as they come in. Back to you Kent.

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BBrown said...

Jesse! I love reading about your impressions of Richmond. honestly, it makes me smile. First, I had to wonder if the Smile and Be Happy Cafe was Have a Nice Day Cafe (which is totally a bump and grind sketch joint). If so, I like your name for it better. Second I think it's HILARIOUS that Princess Di is on the side of a strip joint. I'm so happy you observed the ridiculousness of that mural's placement. hahaha. I've been wanting to get a photo of it for forever but there's not really a good angle. anyways, hope your enjoying the city so far so! stay cool!