Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Taking my bike apart and what it taught me.

1. I couldn't never work in a bike shop, I've thrown my back out twice crawling and bending to reach little pieces.

2. Bikes weren't meant to be taken apart, seriously, they are put together well.

3. Finding a bike box is next to impossible, they're apparently valuable.

4. Im doing all this for a bike that isn't worth more than 150.

5. I have to put it back together again in 2 weeks.

6. What the hell is a crank wrench and why do I need it to remove pedals?


dalynn said...

Thanks for the comment. I've been on a blog hiatus but I plan on coming out of hiding soon. Best of luck these next two years. I had a wonderful experience at the Adcenter, Don't get too caught up in the fuss and have lots of fun. Best.

Oakie said...

I am in town and looking for a bike. My legs can't bare walking anymore.