Friday, August 31, 2007

Core Classes: Art Direction and Commercials

So on wednesday I came to my toughest day. 9am - 9pm. I was ready, well slept, fed and homeworked up. Wayne Gibson and Keith Witthaus awaited me with visual story telling and my core class of art direction.

Wayne is definitely no nonsense. Here's my qualifications, where I've been and why I'm here. Go present, let me tear it apart, tell you why and let you go. I liked the fact he said that it was his job to get me a good portfolio as that is how im going to get a job in 2 years. After ripping my summer assignment apart (along with everyone elses) with the lesson of: you can't turn shit into diamonds, we were off with our first assignment: Barilla Pasta. Thank god I lived in Italy a while so I can at least attempt an italian angle that will not be good enough. Ciao!

Visual storytelling was much the same, heres our qualifications, here's what were going to teach you. Get ready see you next week. I love the idea of a crash course in film advertising, the more skills we have the better prepared we are going to be.

Im a little worried. I've been on full alert waiting for a shitstorm of work to hit me, and it has definitely been manageable so far. I am exhausted from being on full guard, however I dont want to let it down too much and have a bad day in front of the wrong class.

But overall that was a good first week. Im excited. Lots of concepting ahead, and lots of fantastic work ahead to be ripped apart, spit out and redone.

One down. 59 to go.

Oh and its official. I can't get my money back from VCU anymore. Im in for good.

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