Monday, August 6, 2007

Packing to move 3000 Miles and what it has taught me.

1. Is it sad or good that I can put my whole life into 6 boxes?

2. Alot of crap doesn't always equal a nice room.

3. If it came down to taking only two things they would be computer and pictures.

3a. And clothes if I got one more thing. The whole Adam look doesn't flatter in public.

4. I'm happy to leave behind things I've carried for 25 years.

5. I'm sad to leave behind things I've carried for 25 years.

6. Moving is STRESSFUL. I'm drained in every way possible.

7. I will have to do it again (TWICE) in the next two years.

8. Everyone moves, not everyone gets to go somewhere great. Here I come Richmond.


retronola said...

Are you driving cross-country? Geez, I thought moving from the dirty south to the um.. northern dirty south was a bitch. Good luck with all that!

K-squared said...

Please tell me you're not driving that? Holy crap. That'll put hair on your chest, my friend. Safe travels. I'll see ya soon, bud.

Oakie said...

leave those 6 boxes behind, just computer and pictures are enough to survive adcenter.

Bukes said...

I say bring the 6 boxes. Let them remind you of your life before Adcenter, because you just might forget. I know I did.

As for driving cross country, have you checked out Mark Fenske's blog? Scroll back through it and find his post on the Portland to Richmond trek. It's one of his better ones.

... do first years have Fenske's creative thinking class semester? If so... the stories...

Gong Liu said...

have a safe trip, see ya soon.