Thursday, August 23, 2007

Orientation: One day down the rest to go.

Orientation came and went. First off I was very glad I showed up early and got to know people first. I didn't have to do as many awkward "hellos" and "where are you froms?" than I did many years ago back in California undergrad.

First off Rick Boyko is definitely the real deal. He takes the Adcenter seriously and you can tell by the way he talks to us. He doesn't see us as students, I felt he saw us as professionals who need a kick in the ass. He looks as the Adcenter as the center of the future of advertising and we are the agents of change. All we're missing is the black outfits, crew cuts, and mac electric cow prods.

Fenske on the other hand, well lets just say the words "fuck," "go to," "you," and "hell" were used to describe 50 percent of the class, but at least he didn't punch anyone right?

My immediate first impressions afterward consist of one thing. We all asked questions. Stupid ones. Repetitive ones. Funny ones. About important topics and ones that would never touch our lives.

Its also intimidating to sit with all these people. Their stories are amazing and diverse. We have students who already have multiple Masters, Law degrees, divorced, kids, and even people with kids starting masters programs themselves. People are from everywhere, and our class is split down the middle on the M/F (a first for me).

The teachers are obviously talented. They all sat there with 400 pairs of eyes drilling into their heads waiting for any piece of brilliant advice to come pouring out, and sat with the patience of veteran soldiers in front of the next round of fresh recruits.

Im still in shock. It will be fun. more to come.

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Oakie said...

You are right. I love our diversity.