Friday, August 10, 2007

Enough with the pessimism.....get to the good stuff!

So I know my last few posts have been negative...even a little upset so I thought I'd tell you all out there some reasons why I know I will love living here.

1. My first lighning storm ever. I know so sad, but awesomely beautiful and so nice out at night afterwards.

2. The girls here. Its been two nights and I fall in love every 5 minutes. They love to shoot the shit and drink beer and whiskey better than I ever could.

3. Its so different. This place is awesome in ways that California just can't replicate. Thank you southern hospitality and an awesome college town and a great area to live in (FAN!!!).

Sure i haven't written much about advertising in a while, but damn I'm enjoying myself. I came here for the program and people, but shoot me if I can't enjoy the perks in life.

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