Thursday, July 5, 2007

VCU Adcenter here I come!

I have had my admissions letter from VCU for a couple of months now but only now has it sunk in that im heading east for good. I took some classes here in San Francisco about art direction and loved them. One of my teachers turned me onto Adcenter, so I rushed to put together a packet, and after a tense wait I got in thankfully!

Adcenter is considered the best program in the country. Less classic student-teacher setup. Instead they strive to put students into real world work situations, pairing up an art director with a copywriter, media planner etc. Along with this their students success rate was pretty hard to ignore as well. Link to their site: Adcenter

Adcenter was not the only program I looked into. I also checked out Miami Ad School, Creative Circus, Chicago Portfolio School and Pasadena Art School. They all have their positives from international interships at Miami, quicker more intense programs at Circus, and an overall amazing program at Pasadena. However it came down to the fact that VCU felt like the fit for me.If you are looking into further education in this field, take a look at all the schools. They all have a different feel and offer very different paths.

The one thing I heard from everyone regarding ad schools is that in the end it doesn't really matter where you go, it only matters how hard you work, make good connections, and walk out with an amazing book.

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