Saturday, July 14, 2007

Columbus had it easy, he got to come back afterwards

6:27 am.

Not the best time to wake up on a saturday morning after too many beers from a bar shaped like a overturned pirate ship.

But none the less im up.

I pulled back the curtain on my one window to the view of a San Francisco summer morning:

We locals like to call it tourist weather, because only tourists are stupid enough to wear shorts in the summer in San francisco. Mark Twain should have opened a sweater shop here, and wrote on the side. But I digress.

I love it here.
I have great friends here.
I grew up here.
My life is here.

The last year has been the best of my young life. I have everything i need, and want. And that's why i'm leaving.

As a Bowen I know that deep within my genes lies the wander chromosome. The feeling that when everything is right, it's time to go, and start over. To repress every feeling of security and stability in favor of a change in landscape, and new surroundings. So east i go.

I know not a soul, street, or sky in Richmond, but i go none the less.

I am scared though. Not about going back to school or meeting new people, or trying to remember how you are supposed to be a student. Im scared that I wont be back.

Ancient explorers set out for the glory of God and King, I hope i'm leaving for the right reasons.

At least Columbus got to come home.

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joshy drops hammers! said...

whaddup norcal, welcome to VA!