Thursday, July 26, 2007

Class list posted: Early Review 1st semester

So I got my class list from VCU Adcenter and I would like to share what they have given me as an art director in my first semester. I will not reveal Professor's names but simply what I think might be behind the classes, as not to ruin it for everyone behind me.

1. Technology

Simple. Hopefully it will be learning the Holy Trinity (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign) more than I possibly have tripped over learning them already. Since as an Art Director I will be the blunt force behind visual content I should know this like I know how to prepare Ramen noodles. Guilty as Charged.

2. Visual Concepts & Execution

Damn. Again a self explanitory example of a class. I have always had problems with visual solutions (ie no text). As a graphic designer it was crucial to have text so I predict a lot of time spent staring at blank pages of books for this one.

3. Visual Storytelling

Again with the literal translation. I wish there was some mystery behind these classes. Something like: Hey maybe you'll fail this 101. Or Angry man yells at you and devalues your abilities. But still alot of these classes seem like a straight path, but are probably not.

4. Business of Advertising

This is pure VCU. They understand that advertising is a business in the end. I was thumbing through a CMYK magazine to just see what I would have to compete against. In the first 10 pages were ads from the the top ad schools. Each had full bleed pages showing student work, or why their program was better because of time taken or production value.

Then I came to VCU's ad. It had quotes from advertising firm heads describing why VCU students are better. Most had a common theme: They have great ideas, and KNOW THE BUSINESS. This is the reason I chose VCU. I know I can produce great work. I want to know the business.

5. Creative Thinking

This is the Wild Card. I have no shame saying this is taught by the legendary Mark Fenske. You've seen his work for the last umpteen million years (if you see this mark, i greatly exaggerate). There are horror and glory stories from this class. It changes every year. I have no idea what to expect. I hope I survive.

Wish me luck, this was the first realization that I've started. Minus the student loans of course.

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