Friday, July 27, 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green.......(but its getting better)

Poor frog.

You've been telling us since I was born that it's not easy being green. And only now were starting to listen. For years the government and industry has told us green is expensive, and will hurt american competitiveness, and jobs. And for years we believed it. But in the last few years things have started to change as companies realize that green is green (as in $).

Get ready Kermit. That lily pad is about to get crowded.

While there are lots of examples of small green companies, only now do you see large companies starting to at least try to look green:



Companies not only need to be begin to go green because of the environment. It will also be the standard for consumers. We will one day demand it. So some might say that these ads are just show-pieces to gain market share or change an image, (which is probably true, when i think GE and Pacific Gas and Electric, I don't think green) but instead I think they've have started the advertising green revolution.

So addies. Get ready to write on recycled paper, drink coffee brewed in tap water, and long nights in studios under energy efficent bulbs, dreaming of how to make clients look green because its coming.

Hold on dear friend Kermit. We're almost there.

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Kyle Wai Lin said...

i like your closing paragraph...

"so addies..."