Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Expectations of Adcenter and Myself

I want to spend a little time writing about what I expect out of the program and myself as a good before and after review to see how my goals and expectations stack up to the end results. Hopefully the actual results will far exceed my initial ideas, however after my research into ad schools 99% of the schools is what you put in, which is probably 99% true.

1. This program will help me find talents I did not know I had as a creative.
2. Teachers will be extremely competent, seasoned professionals in the ad world.
3. Mark Fenske will not be as scary as he is said to be. (crossed fingers)
4. My fellow students will be extremely talented and the best the school could have chosen.
5. I will be impossible not to hire after my two years at Adcenter.
6. My ability to crunch long nights on little sleep will grow.
7. I will be broke, but extremely happy to be so.
8. My network of contacts will be enviable to anyone in the ad industry.
9. I will be a better professional, ready to start my chosen career.
10. In my rare moments of freedom, I will relearn the joy of sleeping in.

A simple top ten list. I will revisit this list in two years and report back the results. Hopefully I am not the only one with these goals and fears about moving across the country for good.


Oakie said...

nice start. I should do the same. BTW, I will miss sleeping moments.

retronola said...

You forgot one more:

I will learn to balance drinking and school better than ever before.

Long stressful nights call for many shots at the bar at the end.

Gong Liu said...


What a great idea. this will be a great resource for future students too. can't wait to see more posts.

Inger said...
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