Monday, July 23, 2007

14 days until life begins.

The tension is palpable. I have 14 days until I leave for Virginia and VCU. I have tried to stay calm and organized but, I'm excited. So I thought I would recap what it has been like to move cross country with little money and no idea how to do it.

1. Moving is more stressful than anything.
2. Fed Ex will move anything for 58 bucks as long as its under 150 lbs.
3. Flying to Richmond is cheap, but rental cars are not.
4. Giving away a lifetimes collection of things was harder than I thought it would be.
5. Checking the temperature in Richmond in July makes me pray for working AC.
6. Telling people you're moving to Richmond only results in stunned responses of: "Why?"
7. Do I really need all these clothes?

Besides that this process has been one of blind faith.

I have good roommates, who I have never met, seen or physically spoken to, but have found an apartment with them. I've "met" a majority of the people in the program through Facebook, which makes me wonder how people lived before Craigslist and Facebook.

Im ready. See you in Richmond!


Kyle Wai Lin said...

hi jesse, just checking in to say hi. did you find a way to send your bike? also as for the FedEx $58 shipping for anything under 150 lbs. That is awesome, is there a catch? size? etc?

also, i've jumped on the blogging bandwagon and started my own, i've linked you, feel free to link me.

Kyle Wai Lin said...

p.s. rental cars are cheap if you use and book ahead. a few weeks ago, i booked a compact car for $20 dollars a day + tax and other random charges.


Oakie said...

I am in Seattle, will join the force next week.