Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Driving Mr Hegarty

So I signed up to drive John Hegarty of BBH fame from the airport to his room at the Jefferson. In case you don't know John Hegarty is the H in BBH. And just in case you don't know. Its Sir John Hegarty. And just in case I worked for BBH this summer.

So this is a pretty big deal. I get 20 minutes with him in the car one on one and I need some suggestions for questions for him. Advertising related, non-advertising, crazy. Bring some questions on. Ill ask him the best.


jd said...
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jd said...

"Define 'irony' in 15 seconds, John. And... go."

Jenny said...

Officer Hegarty is the son of New Bedford police Deputy Chief Kevin Hegarty. The internal affairs investigation that police are launching comes under the direction of Deputy Chief David A. Provencher. Deputy Chief Hegarty will have no role in it, Chief Teachman said.