Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy Busy Busy


It was supposed to be easier this year. They lied. I work harder this year than last hands down, and I know why. The first year is filled with "make me three print executions."

This year is filled with "make me":
Print, radio, OOH, ambient, Point of sale, web, website, minisite, logo design, brand integrity, business plan, strategy, banners, and a great deck, and go present it.

In two weeks. For three classes.

Oh and top of that do some freelance projects. The thing is, its addicitng. At some point you start to lose track of days, hours, and weeks. It all becomes one long blurry day with short interruptions of an hour of TV here and there, but the pile of completed work starts to pile up next to you.

But its not all work here in the 804. I've been to some pretty cool events here. A awesome folk festival where I had my first deep fried oreo and soft serve root beer float, oh yeah and some music. I even got a chance to see Bill Clinton speak at our school to rally for Obama. Pretty awesome to see one of the world's best speakers in action. So back to work. Wish me well.

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