Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shades of first semester minus the all nighters.

X Games has been my master for the last week.

We have a new business pitch for ESPN executives for X tomorrow for Earl Cox's. Earl is a partner and head planner at Martin agency. I've been hunched over a computer for the last week staring deep into photoshop's dreamy eyes all day. This has been a damn tough presentation.

It's supposed to be as similar to a new business pitch as possible. But for me it only reminds me of one thing: Don Just. That man beat us up so well that I'm pretty sure I can handle any pitch at this point. Of course this is different, we have a strategy, full creative models, market research, less faulty AV systems (keyword less), and larger teams but in the end the problems are all the same.

Team inconsistency, argument after argument after argument over silly things, creatives first time working with a brief, and horrible horrible VCU computers which fail every 5 minutes. It doesn't help we get locked out at 1 am when most people need the labs 24/7 during the last 2 weeks here.

But I'm bitching. In all honesty Im excited about this. I think everyone is. We all say we hate it and we're tired of it, but I feel everyone is excited to show off a little in front of the brass. A little look what you're getting next year show. It should be X trememly interesting. Sorry, I've been making that shitty joke all week.

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