Sunday, April 13, 2008

The magic of google.

So i admit it. I check my site every day.

I have Google analytics for my site so it can tell me how many people are coming each day and where in the world they're coming from. Pretty cool stuff. Addicting as well.

I average about 25 people a day, mostly here in Richmond from fellow students. But all of a sudden my site exploded. Site visits doubled day after day after day. At its peak I received 374 visits in one day. See below:

I was shocked! How could my little blog blow up. I was getting views from Iran, China, Egypt, and Russia. Were people that interested in my life as a student in Richmond Virginia?

Sadly no. About a month ago I posted a entry on Spring Break and my lack of time to enjoy it. I chose this photo to demonstrate what I thought spring break was:

This photo is the second highest reference to the google phrase "spring break." And my site was the refering site for it.

So cheers world! Enjoy these painted ladies and hey, while you're here enjoy a little advertising talk.

That crazy internet!

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