Monday, April 7, 2008

Roomate Wins Pencil. Other roomates plan to sulk quietly.

My roomate Jake Dubs has won a One Show student pencil. Color unknown as of yet but a huge accomplishment, on top of this he has coveted an internship at Crispin Porter and Bogusky. The boy is on fire and is on his way to becoming the rockstar we know he is.

A damn fine writer as well. Here is his blog.

Go jake go!


jd said...

the kid's a hack.

asked if he'll be out of the biz in plus/minus 5 years...

i'm taking the minus.

Kyle Wai Lin said...

i have to agree with j-dizzle on this on. he's a total & complete hack.

i mean, look at the guy.

imma go with the minus as well.


J.D. Humphreys said...

jd= not me
J.D. = Me

Got it? Awesome. Oh yeah, jd is a hack.