Thursday, April 10, 2008

The east coast adventure continues: Summer

BBH New York has offered me a summer internship. I couldn't be more excited about this choice. I had applied to mostly SF offices because I wanted to go home but really wanted BBH because of the great stories I heard from last years interns. Also because honestly New York scares the shit out of me. It's the center of the world. Hell my dad even got freaked out and left and he grew up in New Jersey.

But I'm really excited about BBH. They do great work there. Including the current NYC tourism campaign, Miller light, British Airways, Levis, Axe, Vaseline, Johnny Walker and Dyson. My favorite client they have is Mentos and in honor of my new home I submit one of my favorite fan created mentos ad starring Jean Claude Van Damne from his movie "Bloodsport."

See you in the Big Apple!


Joey Camire said...

I think you should make one using, what many would consider his best film, Lion Heart.

Oakie Chiraskamin said...

Vaseline..not Vasaline.