Monday, January 21, 2008

Why Ford might never recover.

My beautiful 1994 Toyota was sick last week. More precisely ive avoided getting it state inspected. So i finally took it into the local Ford dealership, half because I want to save Detroit fifty dollars at a time, and half because they said it would take half an hour. The manager was really professional, and convinced me the car was in really good shape but needed some work that would let it last forever. Good sales pitch. I agreed.

Three days later I had my car back good as new. The manager once again was amazing and said bring it back in a week so I can check that the repairs would hold up. I was really impressed. They changed my mind about Ford.

A few days later Ford calls again asking about my car. I said it was doing great and I appreciated the repair manager and the work they did. He thanked me and immediately asked if I would be interested in a new car since mine was so "high mileage" and would I consider buying a Ford?

Good feeling gone Detroit.

You gave me great service with awesome employees, I even dropped 2K at your establishment. What makes you think I'll drop 40K for a truck with mudflaps when I drive 1.5 miles to school. That is why you can't sell a car to anyone in the world, you don't know your customer. Stop advertising, and go design a car I'd think about driving.


agirlnamedtor said...

can i interest you in a white 95' ford escort named carlos?

TS said...

Come on man, it's not like he was being a dick. He was just trying to build a relationship with you, a customer that he actually helped and was happy with the service. I really can't fault him for that.