Sunday, January 13, 2008

Catching up with the gossip.

Ive been spending the last couple days catching up on all the blogs I read to see whats happened in the last month. Surprisingly it has been a slow month in the blog world. However after Droga5 won agency of the year, much to the shock of the blog world, due to the rumors of firings and lack of clients.

In response to this AdFreak conducted a survey to find the most over rated agency. Crispin Porter and Bogusky overwhelmingly won. There seems to be alot of hate over CPB. Here are a few comment highlights:

"yes they win a ton of business, but they also lose most of it a little while later. I am sure a lot of students want to work there, who else would put up with their terrible pay.( geniune sweat shop) and their work is a reflection of that. Student ideas with better than average production values."

"I think Crispin's a really strange agency. They're both brilliant and horrible at the same time."

"Crispin does great work for the male who just hit, or just got out of puberty. I think that's the people who work in that agency anyway. Anyways, advertising is overrated. I can't wait for ad agencies to die."

And so it continues on and on. In reality this debate can never be won. I've met some people that have interned at CPB and loved it, some hated it, some would rather be telemarketers than work there. But in the end their good work outweighs the bad, they win clients and people are desperate to work for them. Sounds like a winning formula to me and I'd work for them in a beat.

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