Sunday, January 27, 2008


Its been a long week. A fucking long week and its just starting. Our beloved copywriters had their hell semester last semester. Its the Art Directors turn now. Not only do we sit through the concepting stage, we are responsible for execution. Its a lot of work. Ive been at the beloved Brandcenter 9 hours a day for the last week and a half, and only now have I gotten work approved.

Is it the best? No.

Will it go in my book? No.

Why am I doing it then? Practice.

The work that gets rejected is publish ready in my opinion and the opinion of a lot of other people. Its good and looks good, but thats not what were looking for here. Were looking for great. I haven't seen great here, by any class. This isn't because of lack of talent, its simply that great is like getting hit by a javelin at the Olympics. It isn't going to happen as long as you're looking for it.

Staring deep into your partners eyes or a nine foot high white board for a week usually doesn't help but its what is done here. And believe me there are people that put way more than that in. I never thought I would work this hard.

I guess I'll keep my head down the next time I cross the field.

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