Friday, January 25, 2008

Boing Boing Boing!!

There were no teachers here to get an opinion of our work for Airborne. We thought we had a great idea and wanted someone to say "Yes. I love it." Only Mr. Mark Fenske was here. So we sighed and opened the door and asked for some help.

"I won't look at work from any other class."

Damn it.

The 20 minute conversation that followed was worth more than the help we were looking for.

"Do what you think is cool. If its a poster that people unfold and say 'Cool.' then thats the answer. No agency wants to see how you did on your car-wash assignment. They don't care. They just want things that are cool."

"I did an ad with an orange ball on a white background bouncing up and down going Boing Boing Boing as it hit. I ran that across eight pages. It was like 'What the fuck?' But it helped sell air and shoes for Nike."

"If you think your idea needs a 1/3 of a page plus another two. Do it. But only if its cool."

"You might have an ad and realize that 'This would totally work for another product. Yeah all I have to do is switch the logo and its perfect.' Would an agency know that you did that? No. All they know is that you know when you see a great ad."

So go do cool stuff.




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