Saturday, January 12, 2008

Semster 2 Begins

After nearly a month I have returned. A month was a long time to wait and I have to admit Im ready to get started. We have a new building to live in now and a new name. I am no longer a Adcenter student but am now a Brandcenter student.

I don't think I will ever call myself a Brandcenter student so I count myself as the last class to do so, but I do understand the change behind it. We are training people to be brand stewards instead of simply ad monkeys. The name will gain more respect from the industry but internally I doubt it makes much change.

This semester will be lighter in class load but now I understand that classload is mostly outside class time while class time is reviewed for criticism and review instead of learning. After a semester here Ive realized that grades and class time are less important that time in groups and one on one meetings with teachers.

This semester will be hectic. Internships are around the corner. Im undecided whether to use VCU as my medium to that or find my own through merit alone instead of the Brandcenter name. Either way I will be working somewhere come May. The class load might be lighter but the time spent outside will be more intense, and to be honest hopefully without Don Just I'll have some time to go and explore the East Coast before I graduate. Sorry Donny.

I did well the last semester but the saying here goes:

Brandcenter doesn't start until Semester 2.

Wish me luck. Here we go.

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