Sunday, January 20, 2008

The early review of semester numero 2!

Its been a tough week. Not as tough as I expected but still a good kick to the butt. The new building is amazing and you can see pictures of it all over the other blogs so I'll save you the trouble of wading through repeat pics.

We've started working with copywriters which has been great to finally get someone who can better articulate what I've been trying to stumble through. The only down side to this is Koz. This is the Art Directors first foray with him. Lets just say that if he was anything else he'd be a sailor, or a professional swearer. He's tough for sure, but his system works. Wayne Gibson definitely lets him rant and rave while smirking and smiling in the back, gotta love the good cop bad cop routine.

The first class for Kelly O'Keefe and Earl Cox was fantastic. They are two extremely talented and successful advertising professionals. Their speech was amazing and really made me excited about the career path. They beleive that advertising is changing and we will be the first to really experience it in its new form.

This could mean writing a short movie, a circus, print, radio, pie throwing contest, skeeball, Mexican soap opera, or whatever is needed to really get a message out there. Their passion for what they do and for us is infectous, and its hard not to get excited.

Well I thought id post a little since ive been a ghost here, but will be back more regularly, I hope.

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