Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm not talking to you....

Ok so i've ignored this blog for long enough, but in my defense I've been busy. Ignore that tan and empty case of beer over there. I SAID DONT LOOK!! I promise I've been working, here look at my sketch book.

So what there's only a few notes. Quailty my friend. Quality. HEY LOOK OVER THERE!!

Sorry. But I've been busy. 4 clients this time. The NAVY, Stinger bug killers, Newspaper Association, and a freelance client. It feels like a lot but exciting as well. There's progress on all fronts and good stuff is starting to come out of my cobweb filled brain.

The most interesting point so far is the teacher/group meetings. We had our first today for the NAVY. We all sat and listened to recommendation and suggestions, made a few of our own and left. We met afterwards to digest and regroup. The difference happened when we all agreed that the direction suggested wasn't something we were interested in and we decided our own path.

While this might seem like a pretty easy decision there outside our humble building but for me it feels like the start of me doing work I want instead of homework. So long mindless drone. Hello indepenent free wheeling thinker!

Hey! What did i say about not looking at the empty beer bottles?

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