Thursday, September 4, 2008

Culture by online shopping

So a little bird directed me to Ork Design. She makes typographic posters of metropolitan neighborhoods. you've probably seen them like this one of my hometown.

I was forwarded an article that did an interview with the owner of Ork Design. What struck me was this quote about working at home:

"Waking up and getting straight to working right away. I never knew my brain functioned at that moment in the day. Also, being barefoot all day. I really hate socks."

I love this because it reminds me of a time when i didn't work for 8 months and made tee shirts in my bathroom for myself. Most were inside jokes or funny ideas kicking around. But to be honest it was some of the best times I had in SF.

So I've decided to get back into this screen printing business for my first culture assignment. Sure it isn't new or different but it is something I've wanted to do again for some time.

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