Monday, September 22, 2008

The only burrito worth 3000 miles.

I spent the most magical 15 minutes in San Francisco this weekend. For years I've been told about Cancun burrito in the mission. The oldest historical part of SF. I even lived there for two years and avoided it. The problem with it is its lower than 16th street.

Anything lower than that and you need a bandana and wife beater. Most of SF's drug trade comes through there with all the usual fun that comes with a flourishing drug trade. But this time I braved it. I trooped through the mission watching the streets get darker and emptier, cursing myself for my love of the perfect burrito.

But finally around the corner I finally came to it, a simple screen door with barred windows and the most amazing smell ever. Inside a group of Mexican men stood playing guitar and drinking beers. I entered and realized I was the only customer. All eyes suddenly turned on me.

White boy in the collared shirt slumming for burritos. But all that evaporated when I got my first bite of the best carne asada burrito I ever had. It was worth every dollar, and I got to see a part of SF I never would have gone to without a police escort. Ill be back soon Cancun. Just you wait.

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tor said...

then you found $10. no, really.