Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sluggishness is the enemy of May.

So its back on in all 5 gears here.

Except I can only get it to go into 3rd, and I need 4 and 5 from the start. I only have 9 months until I hope to do this for a salary. Part of me knows it will all come together and I will finish it, succeed and have a great book.

The other half worries. Teachers said we would come back sluggish, cautious, and flat out lazy. Seeing how advertising actually works sometimes takes the piss and vinegar out, and I can feel the rust, the sluggishness.

But its not all bad, the rust will pass, and thankfully I came back with something. Speed. I can feel my ability to plow through bad ideas quicker. Target on shreds of thoughts with potential. So hopefully this will help off set the rust until I can relearn how to drive my manual transmission again.

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