Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is Colonial Village dead yet?

So for our business of advertising class we had to build a business pitch for 70,000 bucks with a quick turn around to help boost occupancy rates in Premium Suites. Not glamourous but my group turned out what I thought was a good solution. I won't go into that because our presentation went as well as a Millie Vanille reunion concert.

We got about 1:30 of a 15 minute presentation when Don Just threw us a curve ball that basically negated our entire premise, and then preceded to ask us if we had any other ideas. Let me tell you my partners did a great job trying to save face, but unfortunately this presentation was about trying to trip us up hard. I can still hear that Millie tape skipping in the background.

Basically the idea was that clients will have millions of ways to trip you up, never on purpose, but it definitely happens, and that we need to be prepared for anything. We had groups that were forced to shut off their Powerpoints half way through. Use people who knew nothing of the presentation, and client objections that would make any person scream "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU HIRE US TO FIX THIS THEN?"

But in honesty I enjoyed it, I dont think I will go into another presentation without printed creative, backup computers, and any of the other million problems that can come up. So good job Mr. Just. Mission Accomplished.

Next up make a replacement for BMW films. Nice, replace one of the most successful non traditional ad. Thanks.

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