Sunday, September 9, 2007

The beginnings of the end, of a social life.

I was getting worried for a second.

I thought that the first week was too easy for my own good. But now I'm happy to see I was wrong about that. On top of class, papers, shooting a McDonalds commercial, concepting for Barilla (God please bring me an idea), and writing song lyrics I will sing in front of everyone, there's the idea of a social life to remember.

I've been pretty good so far, making it out as often as I can but no one tells you about the real time killer here at VCU. The group meetings. They are constant and pop up all week at any time. I guess its a good way to get (force) you to work with as many people as possible, find a middle point on projects, and learn to work with different personalities, but meetings at 8pm on fridays? Come on.

I know I know. Its the real world, and damn it you're right. But is it so much to ask that I get once night a week for a few beers. This is advertising school, I have to keep my liver in shape for client lunches right??

Sigh.... you're right, I want to be here, and I bitch but in reality the work is tough but good, and the groups are necessary. I guess I'll have to wait on the social life until I retire.

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