Friday, November 14, 2008


The Brandcenter isn't a portfolio school.

But you need one to get a job, don't forget that. I've been away for a while working hard, feeling the time creep up on me as I see that May 15th date get closer and closer. So I thought I would discuss my book as of now.

If I was going to call it I could put a book together in two weeks. Yes two weeks with the work I have now. Would it get me a job? Who knows. I would like to think so, the problem is it wouldn't be the job I want. I have 2 pieces that I can see in my final portfolio, maybe three.

The only thing is I don't want them in my book. Its my goal to get rid of every single one of them. How? By replacing them with something better. As of this moment I have 6 months to replace 1.5 years worth of work. See you at the Brandcenter.

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Jac Madsen said...

dood, so true. My 'book' out of the creative department is so much the same way. I want to trash almost all of it. Not because it is bad or isn't proof of a certain level of understanding, I just don't think it's what I am capable of. And yet here I am freelancing Graphic Design gigs to pay the bills. I envy you in a way. I wish I were back in school learning at the feet of the masters again. Keep it up Jesse. Good things are coming.