Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dorky morky lorky review.

So today was my first real concept review with a CD. We have quite a contingent of swedish CDs here at BBH. You feel right at home. Well you would if youre norwegian like me or from Minnesota. But truth be told I was a little worried.

We were one of two teams. The other being an old Adcenter alum and a Creative Circus alum. our client was for NYC tourism and these guys have worked on the client for the last 6 months. We know how to talk to Don Just without shitting at the same time. So we sat down and listened to our competition lay out their case. Silent we stood listening. The CD gave comments, suggestions, tweaks. And then it was our turn.

We presented. Some clearly, some not so much. Some short some deep with logic. And at the end he looked at us and said in a thick Swedish accent. "I luke yur ideaas vury much." (insert swedish chef accent). I walked out beaming.

I had realized the important thing. We are just as good as the pros. Well not all the way but in this industry a cool idea from a youngin is just as good as anyone else no matter the pay or title. We walked out beaming even though our ideas were well beyond the 275K budget and not usable. Our competition grabbed us and said:

"Good job guys, youre gonna do fine."

Can't go better than that.

Tomorrow. Our GLBT conecpt presentation. (Thats Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans for the unknown.)

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