Monday, June 9, 2008

Can't Beat the Real Thing.

So i realized with billions of web pages out there. There are only 25 i visit, and I visited them all today. We waited and shook hands and learned to bill clients and make expense reports, (bill it suckas), and in the end we didn't have a thing to do yet. Where would we land?

So hey do you guys want to work on a tag for us?

YEAH buddy!!

We furiously scribbled and pondered for their 8 am client meeting ready with the possibilities of stardom. I figured it would be a late night working out tags. That was until we were informed that they were due 45 mintues later for the CD to look at and craft.

Lesson learned. This isn't a large cement slab where infinite time exists. This is a world full of deadlines and compromises, rush jobs and stop gaps. Thats where the intens come in. YEAH!!!

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