Monday, December 3, 2007

Adcenter makes me make terrible blogs.

Well not exactly. Im tired here, not an excuse but its one none the less. My thanksgiving "break" was nothing but. I got back and it felt like starting an engine in the dead of winter. You get a week of TV and cat naps and have to jump right back to full ad student mode. Not easy, but im almost done.

Today was our last Don Just class. Nice feeling. He read a commencement speach from years past. I would have liked to hear better but I was half asleep. From what I heard Don Just told us congratulations, that we did better than he thought we would, and even got a little choked up.

As much as I will not miss his work load, STILL GOING ACTUALLY, I will miss him as a teacher. If you ever get a chance to come here as a student or prospective or just see him take five minutes to talk. He is one of the only teachers to actually listen, not just listen to see how they can help, but just listen. Its a good skill to have.

Good Afternoon DJ BOA, you magnanimous silver fox.

More to come about the semester and a final review of semester one at VCU Adcenter.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it wasn't till after his class that I gained major respect for DJ. Good luck on the rest of it.

Anonymous said...
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