Thursday, December 13, 2007

The last post im legally allowed to use the words Adcenter in.

To those who don't know, the Adcenter is no more. Kaput.

Were moving to our new diggs away from the nasty, dirty, bodily fluid filled building, into the new fancy scmancy building. I snuck into the construction zone a few months back and took a peek. Looks awesome but definitely is missing the charm of the old building. What charm? The stains that look like dragonflys, personalized roof tiles over the ping pong table, Fenske photos, and the rest that makes it home.

I will miss it only so much but thats enough sometimes. Im happy to be the last to use it. Gods speed dirty Adcenter. Hello gorgeous new building and new program: Brandcenter.

The beloved computer lab. Too much time spent here.

This couch is colorfully called the "Cum Couch." Good god.

Art Directors dungenon. Where dreams come to live and die. Mostly die.

Fenske's Wall of Non-Dissaproval. Im up there somewhere.

My favorite spot in the Adcenter. One one side of the table of ping.

Aevoir. Happy Holidays.

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stackingchairs said...

I feel ya. I posted some images of the new building for further reference.