Saturday, May 10, 2008

And so we've reached the end.

Remember when your mom said these days would go quickly?

She was wrong. These go quicker.

I've worked harder thank I've ever worked here before and with all that here are my grades:

Art Direction: B
Brand Concept: B
Development: B

I worked my ass off, but still came short. This year has meant more for me than any year before. I came to realize that I can be good at what I do, as long as I work my ass off. I realized there are so many talented people out there. I know that I have so much furhter to go. This year has hardened me and made me a machine. I don't think any school makes people work harder.

Its not all positives here though. I lost my faith along the way this semester. Wayne Gibson said it best. I came to him looking for approval on everything, instead of following my instinct on what is right or good, I searched for approval, and my work suffered. I earned my B because of this. I need to get my head straight and relearn my voice, my opinion, because that is all people will pay for in 358 days.

I learned that I am not the easiest to work with. I will dig my heels in, argue and push. But on the other side, I can do great work when I work my ass off. This first year was a gigantic lesson in welcome to advertising, and where you fit in. I still don't know where I will fit in. I'll tell you when I'm done with advertising.

In my opinion I failed this year. I wanted nothing but perfection from myself. I couldn't get it.

I never will.

These mythical homerun campaigns we all search for only happen when we least expect it, now and inside agencies. I am human, and will fail more than I succeed.

I could talk forever about what happened this year, but the only thing I know after this year is one thing:

This school has kicked me, beat me, bruised me, and knocked me out, but damn it I'm addicted for the full ride. Bring on the second year.


Kyle Wai Lin said...

jesse b. you are the man. regardless of of triple B's. grades are for MBA students.

J.D. Humphreys said...

Grades don't matter. You should know that by now. Especially since you're fucking awesome.

J.D. Humphreys said...

Ooops. I just noticed that I cursed in my last post. We definitely need a break from Coz.

Joey Camire said...

Grades don't Matter for sure.

I won X-Games with my group and got a B in that class. Learning to like getting kicked though, thats an accomplishment. Call if you need a kick, just got some new shoes.